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Children Inspired Evolution is a registered

Non-Governmental Organisation, which was formed in May 2020. It was created to promote equal access to education for vulnerable children.

Our mission is to educate, empower, and change the mindsets of the children and youth in Lufwanyama, Kalulushi, Kitwe (Zambia) and beyond.

We became concerned about the lack of education, completion and technological exposure have led to so many youths not being able to get employment as a result have resorted to theft, dangerous illegal mining and deforestation as money making ventures. The organisation has put in place a passionate team to work towards getting more children educated. 

Education is key for employment, successful business operation, proper decision making and economic community growth which is why it is the key to reducing poverty in the communities that the children come from.

Our vision - To ensure that no Child lacks education, vocational training, suffers from hunger or harm from neglect, violence, abuse, exploitation or deprivation. To see that every Child grows up in a safe community, positively contributes and participates in activities to uplift their community.
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